Hai lovies! Just a quick update for you guys I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for like a long ass time but summers aren’t a good time for me to post because I have kids and they’re around all day and yeah kinda hard to find the time! I’m having some severe depression and anxiety lately like worse than anything I’ve ever had before and its SUUUUCKS so yeah I don’t know when I’ll be posting again hopefully I will start feeling better soon! I miss posting things for you guys and getting your awesome asks! <3 This gif describes how I feel perfectly lol 

Anonymous whispered:
sorry to bother but who's the artist of /image/78570164999 ? (just a reminder source is important as well!!)

um I honestly have no idea because I don’t keep up with those things and the reason I don’t is because when I am posting regularly I am posting anywhere from 10-30 new images a day and trying to keep up with each artist and the source is a pain in the ass when you spend 2-4 hours a day searching for new things and posting them. This is why I don’t bother with sourcing things.. sorry? 

saturn-senpai whispered:
you are the cutest! I forgot how awesome your tumblr is!

luciferthelightbringer whispered:


I know you want to feel both those big cocks rubbing against each other inside you as they stretch you wide open and hit all your spots.


Its been a long time since I’ve done this.Let me tie you up and tease your body.

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