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Would you ever fuck and take advantage of your kids and teach them to love it if you ever had any?

you need to seek psychological help like right now for even asking that question HELL FUCKING NO 

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Would it turn you off if someone wanted to call you their slutty sister while they fucked you and wanted you to call them big brother?

not at all i’ll be honest I’ve really been into hentai lately and the idea of the being the little sister really turns me on 

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I just saw almost the exact same question a little ways down, sorry about that :)


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Have you ever been in a gang bang? If not would you want to be in on?

omg yes its like one of my biggest fantasies 

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Do you like being pinned to a wall?

yes yes yes omg yes please <3 

ask me something

anything i’m drunk and bored and really turuned on for no reason 



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Okay so I just have to say this because it really pisses me off okay like I know there are guys who actually like or prefer chubby girls but when I tell you that I’m on a fucking diet why do you make it your life’s mission to rub food all up in my face like its funny or cute? When I say don’t talk about food in front of me please, I fucking mean it and its not cute or funny. I will fucking skin you like a baby seal you little shit. YOU HEAR THAT DORRY? lol Seriously… why do guys do this? it annoys me more than anything. I just don’t understand this shit. Sorry I just had to get that out because its happening a lot and it just ughhh you know who you are and fuckkkkk you!!! 

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Have you ever been dp'ed?



"Little girls just have such wayward hands and such devious little thoughts," he explained, booping her impertinent little nose playfully. She swatted him away.

"My hands are not wayward! They just…they just like to play." Her lip turned outward in an exaggeration of a pout. "This is oppression and you are a tyrant," she declared insolently. There. That’ll make him rethink such an absurd, impossible, agonizing restriction.

"I think it’s more than just a little play, pumpkin," he patiently disagreed. "Those hands get up to all sorts of naughty things when they’re allowed to touch your princess parts. It’s better this way."

She stomped her foot indignantly. “Better for you maybe! Not better for me. You big, sadistic meanie.”

He grinned. “I am a sadist, and I am a meanie,” he said cheerily. “But I think you like it. I also think, in spite of this little fit you’re throwing, you are secretly pleased I care enough to take away your cummies and forbid you from touching without supervision. After all, you’re just a very little girl and playing with princess parts is a big girl privilege.”

Outrage etched itself into every feature of her face. “I am not ‘secretly’ pleased. I thought I was being very unsecretly, vocally pissed! I am very upset!” She punctuated her last words on a few flustered stomps. “And I am a big girl, you oaf!”

Amused, he pulled her into his lap. “See, pumpkin? I think maybe you’ve started to take your cummies for granted. Maybe you cum just a little too often; maybe you depend on this just a little much, hmm? Maybe I’ve allowed you to get a little too entitled. Maybe,” his voice dropped to a whisper, “such privileges have turned you into an insufferable little brat.”

"No, no, no, and no," she said immediately, trying to squirm out of his grip, but panic was beginning to set in as she slowly started to accept he might be really very serious about this. "No," she whined again, but she sounded a little more resigned.

"Yes, pumpkin. Because I say so. Because you are not entitled to such privileges, and you need to relearn that lesson. Besides,” he pressed his fingers between her squirmy legs, “I think you’re going to enjoy this, even if you don’t want to.” He showed her his fingers, slippery with the truth of his words.

Whimpering, she tucked her face into his neck. The direction of her squirming shifted as she stopped trying to get away and started pining for something else. “I just want it so bad,” she whispered desperately.

"Aww. Poor little girl. You’re just too little to have cummies without supervision. But you could always try to ask very, very sweetly, and maybe I’ll give you permission…” She wasn’t sure if he meant to encourage her or make her suffer, but his fingers returned to the place between her legs.

Alas, when she finally felt brave, and desperate enough, to ask, he just pulled his hand away and said, “No, I think it’s too soon. Much, much too soon.”

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